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How to fix this error when updating to Ruby 2.0

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A Poem For Movember

The Movember Guys Missed a Trick With Their URL design...

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I'm growing a handlebar moustache for Movember...

How To Use the Facebook iOS SDK In Your RubyMotion project

How To Remove Someone From Your Facebook Feed ...

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A helper for showing loading cells in iOS Apps with Rubymotion

Curing my Facebook addiction!

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A List of Game Genres in Apple's App Store

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Now running on Blogit: A Ruby on Rails blogging Engine

Segmentation error: Compiling REE on OS X 10.7 using RVM

Trying to install REE on OS Lion can be a pain - here's the solution

Writing Rails helper tests/specs using MiniTest::Spec

A guide to writing rails helper specs using MiniTest::Spec

Manage your application version using per-version

This is a brief introduction to per-version, a Ruby gem for managing your application's version number.

DRYing Up Your Code With A Little Metaprogramming

Here are a couple of examples of how you can clean up your code using metaprogramming techniques.

DRYer, neater Rails before_filters using classes

Here’s a great tip for keeping your rails controllers simple and DRY when working with multiple before filter conditions.

How to change the screenshot path in Mac OS X

The problem with taking a lot of screenshots is that your desktop soon fills up with dozens of image files. Here's my solution:

Installing riaksearch on OS X Lion (10.7)

If you're having trouble installing riaksearch using the instructions on the Basho website, try this instead...

Installing Erlang on Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

If you've just upgraded to Mac OS Lion, you might have a little trouble installing erlang

How to write a controller spec for a Rails 3.1 Engine

Quick explanation to solving ActionController::RoutingError exceptions when writing specs for controllers within a Rails Engine gem

Solving JavaScript Error ‘expected identifier, string or number’ in IE

How to solve JavaScript Error ‘expected identifier, string or number’ in IE

Free Alternatives to Apple's Mobile Me

Apple's Mobile Me service allows you to sync data across all of your devices. Here are some suggestions for free alternatives including DropBox.

Control Your Email Inbox (Review)

This year my new year's resolution was to increase my productivity during work hours by implementing this system of organising email designed by Lars Pind.

PNG Vs. JPG - When to use each?

*.png* and *.jpg* are the two of the most popular formats for graphics on the web. This post covers the pros and cons of each format.

Adding bundle install to your Capistrano Deploy file

If you're using bundler to manage your ruby gems, and capistrano to deploy your application, this handy deploy task can save you some time.

Calling One Rake Task from Another

A quick ruby tip for calling one rake task from another rake task

Writing A Rails Application With TextMate

A tutorial showing how to effectively use TextMate to more efficiently build your Ruby on Rails applications.

Keeping Your Dates and Times DRY with to_formatted_s

A Ruby on Rails tutorial explaining how to use to_s or to_formatted_s and strftime to keep dates and times DRY.

Playing HTML Jenga

I recently had a peek at [Google's]( source code and was surprised to see that their HTML seemed invalid!

Link Prefetching with HTML 5 and jQuery

HTML5 offers a cool new feature called link prefetching