How to change the screenshot path in Mac OS X I use screenshots all the time! Combined with CloudApp screenshots are a really fast and easy way to share visual information between colleagues and clients. If you don't already know how to take a screenshot on Mac OS X, simply press shift + cmd + 3 or shift + cmd + 4 to take a section of the screen. The problem with taking a lot of screenshots is that your desktop soon fills up with dozens of image files - making it difficult to sort through. Here's my solution to keeping your screenshots in check: Open terminal (Applications > Utilities Terminal) and type the following commands: mkdir ~/Screenshots defaults write location /Users/[YourUsername]/Screenshots note - replace [YourUsername] with your apple user name. In my case /Users/Gavin/Screenshots Now log out of OS X and log back in. From now on your screenshots should be saved to /Users/YourName/Screenshots