A helper for showing loading cells in iOS Apps with Rubymotion I'm in the process of transposing an existing application from Objective-C to Rubymotion. In doing so, I've come up with a few techniques that make life a lot easier. Here's a simple class for adding a loading cell to a UITableView class LoadingCell < UITableViewCell CELL_FRAME = [[0,0], [320, 44]] LABEL_FRAME = [[120, 11], [79, 21]] ACTIVITY_INDICATOR_FRAME = [[92,11],[20,20]] LABEL_TEXT = 'Loading...' def self.loadingCellWithTableView(tableView) tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier(self.class.to_s) || begin alloc.initWithFrame(CELL_FRAME) end end def reuseIdentifier self.class.to_s end def initWithFrame(frame) super(frame) addSubview(activityIndicator) addSubview(label) end def label @label ||= begin _label = UILabel.alloc.initWithFrame(LABEL_FRAME) _label.text = LABEL_TEXT _label.textColor = UIColor.darkGrayColor _label.backgroundColor = UIColor.clearColor _label end end def activityIndicator @activityIndicator ||= begin _activityIndicator = UIActivityIndicatorView.alloc.initWithActivityIndicatorStyle(UIActivityIndicatorViewStyleGray) _activityIndicator.frame = ACTIVITY_INDICATOR_FRAME _activityIndicator.startAnimating _activityIndicator end end end And to use it: # in my controller def tableView(tableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath: indexPath) # return a loading cell LoadingCell.loadingCellWithTableView(self.tableView) end Feel free to modify to suit your needs :-)