How To Use the Facebook iOS SDK In Your RubyMotion project Here's a quick how-to to set up the Facebook iOS SDK in a RubyMotion project. Install Bundler if you haven't already. run bundle init from the terminal Add require 'bundler' to your Rakefile under require 'motion/project' Add Bundler.require under that. Install Cocoapods if you haven't already. Add gem 'motion-cocoapods' to your Gemfile Then add the following to your Rakefile... app.frameworks += %w{ AdSupport Accounts Social } app.weak_frameworks += %w{ AdSupport Accounts Social } app.pods do pod 'Facebook-iOS-SDK', '~> 3.1.1' end app.info_plist['FacebookAppID'] = '<your app id>' app.info_plist['URL types'] = { 'URL Schemes' => 'fb<your app id>'} # note the "fb" prefix Fin! I've uploaded an example application to Github: Bodacious/FacbookConnectWithRubyMotion